What is a life coach?

A life coach is a catalyst for the changes you want to create in your life. As a coach, I serve as a guide to help you discover who you really are. I provide you with the tools to take you where you truly want to go.

How can coaching help you?

Are you looking for a wonderful new relationship? Do you want to discover your life purpose? Would you like to be strong, healthy and fit? Are you a bit stuck in your life and want to get un-stuck? Do you have big dreams and no idea how to carry them out? Coaching can help with all of these things and more. With coaching, you can intentionally create a life that nurtures you on a deep level and makes you happy to be alive every day.

How long does it take?

In 6 sessions you can often be on your way to having the life you want. You might want to stick around a little longer to fine-tune, or drop back in once a month to update your progress. Or spend longer…the entire process is in your hands. You, and only you, know what you need.

I’m your lifeline and your agent for change if:

  • You are stuck in some area of your life
  • You feel like you are running in place or just slogging through your days
  • You want more but you aren’t sure how to get it or where to start
  • You’ve struggled with weight issues for what feels like your whole life
  • You long for change, but stepping out of your comfort zone on your own feels incredibly scary
  • You’ve always felt like you have a life purpose, but you just can’t seem to find it.

Contact me kate@katelundbergcoaching.com for more information. We can start with a 30 minute free consultation to see if we are a good fit for coaching.

I coach on the phone, via email, or in person. Sessions are 1 hour, followed up by email support between sessions.

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